Example of WatchIt/WriteIt Correlation of Video and Book Exercises/Projects


First, click on the book link to open the .pdf book file for reading, in this example, The Hoosier School Boy.  Below is the first title page of the book and the table of contents.  Have the class read a page, a chapter, the entire book, etc. according to the number of lessons planned for the book.  Corresponding to each reading assignment, open the movie file by clicking the link beneath the thumbnail image of The Hoosier School Boy.  This opens the movie player to activate the movie.  Play the portion of the video corresponding to the reading assignment.  In this way the book’s text and movie’s video treatment can be discussed, compared, and utilized as a class reading/writing tool. 



Below are the images of the book title and contents pages.



Below is the image of the opening screen of the video adaptation of the book.