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Make-Believe Creatures

(Descriptive Writing Exercise)


Handbill from the 1954 Hollywood movie Creature from the Black Lagoon


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Among memorable Hollywood “creature-movies” is the 1950s epic “Creature From the Black Lagoon.”  The creature’s attributes, besides a grotesque countenance, included Herculean strength, fin-like webbed hands and feet, armor-like skin, claw-like finger nails, and aquatic skill beyond any human or fish.  Other Hollywood movies, especially those devoted to space exploration, go far beyond these shocking characteristics.  However, common to all are human qualities which serve to create a fearful awe in the minds of readers, movie goers, and science fiction fans.  Below is a fictitious creature created with a computer-game called “SPORE”.  An electronic menu of creature parts, skills, and unique features such as voice sound, dancing moves, and ferocious attack modes are included.   These go far beyond the Creature from the Black Lagoon’s appearance and abilities.         


Descriptive Writing Exercise


The assignment is to write a descriptive paragraph capturing the appearance and unique qualities of the SPORE creature pictured below.  Imagine you are attempting to fashion a “word-picture” from which an actual sketch of the alien could be made.   For extra credit have a classmate read your description then draw a likeness of what you have described.  Compare the drawing to the likeness below.  Ask your friend how you might have better described the entity for a more accurate likeness.  (Hints: Torso shape is like what animal?  Head looks like what creature?  Feet and hands look like what animal?  Skin is like what creature?  Coloring is like what animal?  Incidentally, the shape of the Creature from the Black Lagoon was fashioned after the Hollywood Academy Award Oscar which would be a way of describing its body shape and appearance. )





Click here to watch Deerman's characteristic moves, sounds, dances, and moods.


Deerman's Moods

Authors establish the mood of a composition employing descriptive adjectives and adverbs. Likewise, animators and actors create character moods using facial expressions and body postures and poses. Watch the following video clip by clicking here. Deerman displays in succession the following moods: (1) Happiness (2) Anger (3) Sadness (4) Laughter (5) Fear (6) Love. For each mood, list facial expressions, postures and poses depicting the mood.

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