The Journey of Christopher Columbus as a Grammar Treasure Hunt

Synopsis:  Besides his nautical skill, Columbus was a gifted writer.  Were it not for his historic log book, much of what we know as events in his journey to the new world would have been lost.  Approaching the coast of Europe, near the Azore Islands, Columbus encountered a life-threatening storm.   He placed a copy of all he had discovered in a bottle and threw it overboard.  If his ship and life were lost, the “log book in a bottle” would report his discoveries.  Your assignment is to use the “hot links” below to write a brief narrative of what Columbus discovered for your “log book in a bottle.”  Columbus will be grateful for your efforts in his behalf. 

`1. Below enter several sentences, in your own words, explaining:  where Columbus  began his voyage, how many ships comprised his fleet, their names, and the date they set forth.


2.  In the space below, paraphrase in several sentences, several problems Columbus dealt with in his voyage west:  Ex. Lack of wind.


3.  In the space below, summarize several  benefits  which helped  Columbus  find the New World and return from the New World to Europe:


4.  In the space below, in several sentences explain what happened to the Santa Maria in the New World:


5.  In the space below, in several sentences, explain what challenges Columbus faced as he neared his journey’s end:


6.  In the space below, in several sentences, list two or more promises the King and Queen made to Columbus to reward him for his discovery:


7. One of the links above will complete your “treasure-hurt”  because the link has your answer.  The question is - What was the date of Columbus’s birth? (Hint: This is a difficult question which requires examining footnote links to find your answer on the World Wide Web.)

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